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Golden Turtle for ChefsTM



Golden Turtle for Chefs, Heuschen & Schrouff's in-house brand renowned since 2011 for its wide range of products such as sauces, marinades, and frozen vegetables, is popular across Europe and aims to provide chefs with essential ingredients for Asian fusion dishes.

The foodservice team at Heuschen & Schrouff approached me to design the new brand brochure for Golden Turtle for Chefs. As a big fan of their 'all-natural' promise and the leadership role they play in offering Asian convenience products, I was inspired by their mission. We took the time to both create a mood board and strategically assess the brand, which had acquired a somewhat outdated image over the years. It was high time to give the brand a modern update.

A innovative element in the branding was the prominent return of the turtle, the symbol that had faded into the background over the years but originally played a central role in the brand's mission and vision. In the new design concept, we emphasized aspects of the turtle, such as color usage, patterns, and iconic elements, resulting in a partly chic but also fresh look that should appeal to chefs worldwide, including the younger generation.

The slogan 'Passion for Asian Fusion' underscores the evolution of Golden Turtle for Chefs from an authentic to a fusion brand used by chefs worldwide, not only in traditional Asian cuisine.

Designing the brochure was a race against the clock due to the tight deadline; it had to be formatted and printed in multiple languages for the Anuga food fair in Cologne. We successfully met the deadline, and the foodservice team could showcase their new brand brochure during Anuga. This success encouraged Heuschen & Schrouff's marketing department to further roll out the revamped branding to other marketing materials, including a new booth design for trade shows.

I am incredibly grateful for the trust of the foodservice team and Heuschen & Schrouff and proud of the positive reception of the new style.

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