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Evers Specials - Nijmegen


2023 - 2024

Evers Specials, the largest bean sprout specialist in Europe, continues to innovate and launches a new retail line specifically targeting the German market.

For the launch of this new line, which already had its own logo and branding, I was tasked with photographing inspiring recipes for the revamped website. The styling of the photos was meticulously aligned with the new visual identity of the line. I developed a mood board, selected styling materials, and brought everything for a location photoshoot where we captured 8 dishes in one day. These dishes were not only a visual delight but also very delicious! ;)

Back in my home office, I carefully edited the photos to ensure they seamlessly fit the aesthetics of the new branding. These photos are now prominently featured on the website, serving as both a source of inspiration and evidence of the versatility of Evers Specials' bean sprouts. Furthermore, the photos have been optimized for use in various formats, both for online and offline promotional materials, making them flexible for use in marketing campaigns.

This project was a wonderful opportunity to collaborate personally with Evers Specials and their marketing team again. Despite the team being small, the impact of our collaboration is significant. I am already looking forward to the next projects!

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