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Compass Group - Amsterdam

Inspiration Magazine - Spring


Eurest, a part of Compass Group, excels in providing tailored food solutions for businesses, with a strong focus on nutrition, sustainability, and innovative dining experiences customized for various work environments. When Compass Group faced a staffing shortage and needed temporary support, I was recommended by Interim Food Professionals as the ideal candidate for the role of designer and photographer with a passion for the food sector.

After a successful introduction, I was happily engaged with Compass Group for a year. One of the highlights was developing an inspiration magazine, a project that had been put on hold for several years due to staffing shortages. Originally, this request came from the purchasing department, a deviation from the usual procedure where such projects would go to the marketing department. However, the marketing department was facing sudden prolonged understaffing, leading the task to fall to me, including the challenge of refreshing the design.

Using their extensive brand identity guidelines, I developed a concept for multiple editions of the magazine. Upon approval, we began with the spring edition, for which I first created a mood board and then a shooting schedule for all recipes, paying attention to styling and other important details. We spent two days photographing dishes, during which I was also responsible for styling many of them. Due to the location in Amsterdam, I stayed there overnight, which was logistically practical.

Back home, I finalized the photos and began designing the magazine. The result was a beautiful inspiration magazine distributed both online and offline across all Compass Group locations. The feedback was very positive. In the fall, we produced a second edition, which was also very well received. Although subsequent editions were taken over internally by the marketing department, I look back on an exceptionally enjoyable and fruitful collaboration with various product managers and chefs. Compass Group is an inspiring organization, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn about many of their innovative products.

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