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POS materials


The Japanese brand Ayuko produces essential Japanese foodstuffs such as miso, rice vinegar, and soy sauce, targeting both professional chefs and home cooks striving for the authentic taste of Japan. This exclusive brand, imported and distributed by Heuschen & Schrouff throughout Europe, was central to a larger project where I was also commissioned to design point-of-sale materials for eight different brands.

Given the scale of the project, the intermediary Heuschen & Schrouff opted to outsource this externally rather than handle it internally through the marketing department. My contact person was one of the two product managers, who wanted to give Ayuko more attention due to the premium quality of the products. Up to that point, Ayuko had no branding of its own, which I was tasked with developing first. After receiving a small mood board from the product manager, I expanded it with additional images, colors, and fonts that better aligned with Ayuko's luxurious character.

Upon approval, I designed five point-of-sale materials for Ayuko: a product folder, two posters, a wobbler, and a freezer sticker. These materials provide a solid foundation for marketing and help Ayuko's products stand out on the shelf with their chic, dark appearance.

The entire POS project was a fantastic challenge, and the collaboration with Heuschen & Schrouff was, as always, exceptionally pleasant. This project not only contributed to Ayuko's stronger market position but also provided me with more insights into the Japanese cuisine.

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