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Evers Specials - Nijmegen



Evers Specials, the largest bean sprout specialist in Europe, faced the challenge of presenting their sole product — bean sprouts — in its many different sizes and packaging clearly. They needed a brochure that would assist customers in easily choosing the right product options. Additionally, they also wanted to include their range of sprouts, which they do not grow themselves, in the brochure.

Initially, the idea was to create a folded brochure, but upon my recommendation, we opted for a tri-fold. This choice resulted in a surprising effect upon unfolding, showcasing the extensive range effectively. This project required me to delve thoroughly into Evers' brand identity, which was a challenge given the concise brand guidelines and the absence of existing marketing materials, aside from their website.

The result is a beautiful brochure that not only serves as an excellent business card for Evers Specials but is also very handy during sales discussions. An interesting detail is that I also had the opportunity to provide the product photography for the bean sprouts in the brochure, which made the project even more comprehensive. Since then, I have been working with Evers Specials structurally on various projects for years and truly feel like part of the team.

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