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Asian Home Gourmet



Asian Home Gourmet is known for its extensive range of spice pastes and sauces, bringing the authentic flavors of Asia to European kitchens. These products, simplifying the preparation of traditional Asian dishes such as curries, soups, and marinades, contain no artificial additives and are exclusively imported and distributed by Heuschen & Schrouff throughout Europe.

As an intermediary, Heuschen & Schrouff requested the creation of a recipe booklet for a marketing campaign by Asian Home Gourmet, with the recipes compiled by an external chef. While I still had access to a spacious studio with a kitchen (which unfortunately had to be closed later due to the COVID-19 crisis), we made extensive preparations. After analyzing the style of AHG and the specific requirements for the recipe booklet, I created a mood board and determined the styling for the dishes.

We organized a productive day during which we cooked and photographed ten recipes. Subsequently, I had the opportunity to design the recipe booklet in the style of Asian Home Gourmet, with a modern touch. The end result was a set of recipe booklets in two sizes, A6 and A5, distributed both digitally and in print. The printed copies were presented in standing displays, alongside the products of Asian Home Gourmet, allowing customers to take a booklet for recipe inspiration.

This project was a great example of creative and culinary collaboration, where with true teamwork, we created a stylish and practical recipe booklet that perfectly aligns with the Asian Home Gourmet brand.

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